trobar clus

Tolobar Clus

“While《Divia Commedia》can in some ways called a group experience for five who participated, 《Trobar Clus》(1992-1993), an installation exhibited at Art Tower Mito Contemporary Center, was designed for a truly solitary experience. The name《Trobar Clus》appears in a work by Hieronymus Bosch, in which he describes a transparent sphere; it refers to a performing object. Gel was poured into a transparent tank large enough for one person to lie horizontally; the tank weighted as much as 700kg and was elevated two meters in the air by thin iron beams. When the test subject, chosen from a group of volunteers, was positioned horizontally, the flashing of data began. Through a definitive interchange between the spectators and participants―the viewer and viewed―the installation aimed for a bodily experience of“death and rebirth” within an open environment”
(ICC Concept Book, 1997)

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